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Balance Your  System

You completely replace all parts of your physical  body in seven years.  Imagine that! 

You are are wise and have the ability to heal yourself when in the right body, mind spirit environment. To ensure that your regeneration is at optimal capacity of reestablishing vibrent healthy living cells you need to be aware of your state of being.  Balance is established or lost on many layers not just physical.  It is our physical body that is the last to show up and be noticed.  Most times Dis-ease begins in the mental, emotional or even spiritual feilds and trickles down to the physical. 

In order to obtain total body balance you need to get to the core of your being and find the reason(s) that you are off.  What are your belief systems?  Are you a victor or a victom? Are you too stressed?  Do you hold grudges?  Are you to busy to eat properly?  Do you ingest things that are harmful?  You need to look at what you putting into your system on a regular basis and possibly eliminate , add or adjust things to find optimal balence.  

Dr. Jody Forsyth-Oversby DHMS,HD, CBP has a host of tools to offer you on your personal journey to ultimate health and wellness. All you need to do is show the heck up open your body, mind and spirit to balance and healing and it shall be so.   

Dr. Jody has been practicing energy medicine for over 25 years.  She has a four year degree in homeopathic medical science, extensive experience in energy work, both intuitive and learned, as well as a deep love for growing and preparing good wholesome organic GMO free food!

Dr Jody can prepare a treatment plan that is specifically designed for you!  A plan that will enpower you to take charge of you life.   What are you wating for?  

Dr. Jody Forsyth-Oversby Offers:

~Homeopathic constitutional treatments

~Homeopathic therapeutic and acute treatments

~Weekend seminars on how to use home kits to treat your family
~Weekend seminars on how to gather and prepare healing teas and salves
~Access conciousness BARS

~Bodytalk, PSYCH-K , Fascial Energetics and Reiki treatments  in house and distent. 

~Intuitive Energy Work

~Dietary programs for individual optimal body function (including tips on growing and harvesting your own food)

~Variety of nutritional supplements

~Cleansing and weight loss programs 

Check out our testimonial page to see how these services have aided other individuals on their healing journey!