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 Dr. Jody Forsyth-Oversby

Dr. Jody Forsyth-Oversby has been practicing holistic medicine for almost a quarter of a century. Her hands on approach provides patients with utmost care in a tranquil confidential environment. 

Through Dr. Jody's work experience she has had the opportunity to practice alternative methods in India, Mexico and throughout Canada.  She continues to deliver information workshops on holistic healing practices and right living thus raising awareness of self help and alternative solutions for a healthier life.  Her integrated approach continues to impact the quality of life of her clients.

Dr. Jody feels that all things are interconnected and by helping individuals to make better choices and balance themselves the Earth and universe becomes a better more balanced place.

We are antimatter and universal.  
The Zero point of all and nothing.


Tuesdays, Thursday s & Fridays
10 am - 2 pm
Wednesdays - 7 - 9 pm
One Saturday per Month 

Satellite clinic in Eriksdale

All visits are by appointment only