Vital Energy Homeopathics - Vital Energy Homeopathics

Schussler’s Biochemic Tissue Remedies
The human body contains twelve vital mineral (tissue) salts, a proper balance of which is necessary for normal cell function and to maintain good health. When cellular balance is disturbed an abnormal condition leading to various ailments follows.

A course in
Taking control of your own 
physical wellbeing
Dr. Jody Forsyth-Oversby,  DHMS,  HD
When?  April 21, 2018
9am-4pm (1 1/2 hr for lunch)
Where?  Ashern United Church
How much?   $150.00
What? Learn how to use tissue salts as a stand alone or in combination form to  keep your body vitally strong and ready to live each day at optimum capacity.
Course price includes a set of the twelve salts.( salts retail on line at $8-$12 each)

Limited spaced available.