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Homeopathy is an art, a science and philosophy that analyzes disturbances in the individual.  It is a natural, holistic system of medicine that uses diluted doses of substance to stimulate the bodys own healing mechanism.

Homeopathy was founded by the late great Samuel Christian Fredric Hahnamann over 200 years ago.  Hahnemann had a great investigative mind.  He was a medical doctor, chemist and linguist that had mastered over seven languages. 

Hahnemann found the medical practices of his time barbaric.  He handed in his medical bag in exchange for a pen and began to earn his bread translating medical journals. 
It was during this time that he ran across a statement by Cullen that stated quinine cured malaria because of its astringent action on the stomach. 
Being a man of curiosity Hahnemann decided to ingest quinine.  After a few doses he noticed that he began to express malaria like symptoms himself so he stopped the ingestion and the symptom went away. 
He tried the same experiment on his family and found the same results. Thus the heart of homeopathy was founded!

Let likes be cured with likes.
Hahnemann came to the conclusion that a substance able to cause disorder in a healthy individual in high doses could actually bring to balance a disordered individual when they were presenting like symptoms.  An example of this would be the common onion.  Slicing the onion can cause symptoms of burning and watering eyes, as well as sneezing and runny nose.  Many hay-fever suffers have found dramatic relief from these exact symptoms after ingesting the homeopathic remedy Allum Cepa ( made from red onion).

Homeopathy promotes health and harmony on all levels of existence.  Some of the signs that you may notice when achieving better health are: a sense of well being, waking refreshed, having a clear mind, calm emotions, strength, flexibility, stamina, adaptability, compassion, vitality and harmony. 
As an individual you must give homeopathy some time to work.  Your symptoms may not disappear after your first visit.  It is wise to remember how long it took to get into the condition you are in today.  Healing takes time. 
The body must restore itself and find order.   Even the best  homeopathic practitioners only hit the right remedy 50% of the time on the first visit.  It may take upwards of six months to find the right remedy and often times old symptoms that you forgot you had will revisit as your body rebalances.
An initial consultation my three hours.  Jody will want to know who you are as an individual and what makes you different from every other person on the planet.  She will want to know the progression timeline of your current condition as well as any childhood disorders and familial traits.  
After taking your case history Jody will further study your case in order to find simillum ( the right remedy).  This could take between 2-7 days depending on the complexity of your individual case.
You will be contacted after your case has been worked up and can return to pick up your remedy. 
You will be asked to return for a follow up visit between 4-6 weeks after your first consultation.  In this way your progression can be monitored and treated accordingly.
With homeopathy dis-ease leaves the body in a few was.  It is important to be AWARE of this.
Ailments may move:  
From above downward
From within out
In reverse order of appearence
From areas of greater importance to those of less
For chronic ailments may take a month to resolve for each year you have lived with it.

It is very important not to share your remedy with anyone else.  

All remedies are individually selected and what is good for one may not be good for another. 

Please take note

This is a general guideline.  Do the best you can and do not stress over it.  If you are failing to get desired results one of the below may be the factor.

  1. Coffee: This is the one substance that most often interferes with homeopathic treatment. If you are a coffee drinker though the right remedy should work through this. 
  2. Aromatic substances: Avoid camphor, eucalyptus, menthol, and any products that contain them including Vick's, Noxema, Tiger Balm, Ben Gay, Calamine lotion, and cough drops and lozenges containing these substances. This includes aromatherapy oils as well as mouthwashes containing menthol and other aromatic compounds. Citronella oil, pennyroyal, and other aromatic herbal mosquito repellants, all thuja and tea tree products, peppermint oil, and lavender oil may interfere due to their aromaticity. Chapstick, Blistex, and other aromatic lip balms should also be avoided, although fruit-flavored balms are fine. Strong fumes from oil based paint, turpentine, paint thinner and certain household cleaning agents such as Pine Sol, Lysol, and strong smelling industrial chemicals may also interfere, depending on individual sensitivity. 
  3. Immunizations: Immunizations sometimes interrupt the homeopathic healing process in certain individuals. Whether you take them or not is your personal choice, however you may want to discuss each specific immunization and your particular circumstances with your homeopath. 
  4. Dental work: Dental drilling and the use of novocaine may disturb the effects of homeopathic remedies. It is preferable, if possible, to wait at least three or four months after taking a remedy to have dental work done, which gives your vital force more time to be strengthened by homeopathy. In the case of emergency dental work, have it done and call your homeopath afterwards. In many cases, homeopathic remedies will relieve dental pain until you have a chance to visit your dentist. 
  5. Drugs: Avoid all recreational drugs including marijuana, cocaine, LSD, barbituates, and amphetamines. Alcohol in moderation is not a problem. 
  6. Other homeopathic remedies: Do not use Bach Flower remedies, cell salts, or other homeopathic remedies without discussing them with your homeopath first. 
  7. Herbs: Check with your homeopath before using herbs for specific medicinal purposes. Herb teas for beverage use, when varied from day to day, are fine, as are culinary herbs. Chinese herbs may antidote remedies in some cases. If you've been given Natrum muriaticum, you will be advised to avoid peppermint in all forms, including tea. There may be other specific substances that your homeopath will ask you to avoid when taking a particular remedy. 
  8. Vitamins: Let your homeopath know which vitamins you are taking. Using a particular vitamin to eliminate a particular symptom may make it difficult for your homeopath to evaluate your symptoms. Multivitamins and minerals usually do not disturb homeopathic treatment. 
  9. Beauty treatments: Permanent waves often interfere with remedies because of the harsh and aromatic chemicals. Electrolysis and aromatic facial and skin products and treatments are usually not compatible with homeopathy.
  10. Other therapies: Acupuncture and therapeutic ultrasound have been known to disturb homeopathic treatment. Please discuss this with your practitioner. 

"All these things must be eliminated or else avoided as much as possible if cure is not to be prevented or impeded."
Samuel Hahnemann, Organon of Medicine, Sixth Edition