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Your life is a reflection of your beliefs.  These beliefs arusually subconscious and are the cumulative effect of life-long  'programming'.

As a result of past negative programming we sometimes think and behave in self-defeating ways. 

PSYCH-K provides a user friendly way to rewrite the 'software' of your mind by changing the beliefs that sabotage you into beliefs that support you.... quickly and easily.  When you rewrite the 'software' of your mind, you change the "print-out" of your life.

PSYCH-K is a ground breaking, interactive approach used to facilitate change at the subconscious level.  
There are many other forms of energy psychology that reprogram the subconscious.
 Hypnotherapy and the Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) are examples. However, the PSYCH-K Method is quick, easy, proven, and pain-free. It produces results beyond affirmations, positive thinking, willpower, and most self-help programs.
Talk Therapy
Although talk therapy can help, it doesn’t change subconscious programs. And it can reinforce unhealthy programs by talking about them repeatedly. In contrast, the PSYCH K Method empowers you. It allows you to shift from being a victim ("this happened to me") to the victor ("I actively create the life I want"). It can also reprogram stressful situations and traumas without having to talk about them.
Positive Affirmations
Repeating positive affirmations can also change subconscious programs. But this takes years and requires tremendous effort. Again, the PSYCH K Method can reprogram a subconscious belief in under 15 minutes! Once the new beliefs are in place, they're set. You don't need to be reprogrammed again unless you experience a trauma that could alter them.

Founded by Robert M Williams during a 'blinding flash of the obvious' generated by years of research and thousands of individual and group sessions, PSYCH-K transcends the standard methods of visualization, affirmation, will power and positive thinking.

This hands on approach uses muscle testing techniques to establish a strong and weak response from that patients body.

This technique helps communicate directly with both the conscious and the subconscious mind in order to change old belief pasterns that sabotage into ones that promote positive change. 

This unique process uses various tools for change from both contemporary as well as ancient sources.

 What can PSYCH-K Treat?

PSYCH-K can improve every area of your life. This includes self-love, self-acceptance, confidence, communication, relationships, connection, abundance, money, purpose, fulfillment, career success, health, well-being, weight loss, body composition, spirituality, intuition, divine connection, transformation, and more. It can also help reprogram phobias, distressing situations, traumas, and addiction.

 Jody has taken her second level of PSYCH-K and is able to practice distance sessions.