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I was introduced to body talk by Jody many years ago. I actually remember vividly some of the things that came through on my first session. Recently, after battling for many months with a traumatic life experience, I reached out to Jody again. I went there thinking it would be the thing to start my healing journey. I never could have imagined what would take place in that visit. I left with a new attitude towards the event and the heaviness in my heart was no longer.  I truly believe Jody's kind and loving energy, through her body work helped me overcome this event. 

Thank you... 

'My children and I will be forever grateful to Dr. Jody for her tremendous knowledge and dedication to treat our health issues over the past ten years.  She has empowered us with knowledge and the ability to take charge of our health care needs.  What a healing treasure we have amongst us'
 Lois Byron,  Lundar, MB

'A couple of years back I was having physiotherapy on my right shoulder because I could not lift my arm without aid.  This problem had been going on for over three months.  A friend of mine suggested that I go visit Dr. Jody.

After a session of body work the problem disappeared completely overnight!  Since that visit my family and I frequent Dr. Jody for homeopathy, body work and nutritional advice.  Dr. Jody you're the best!'

Linda Mattocks,  Moosehorn Manitoba

Hi Jody
Just a noe to thank you for helping me with my horrible itch and blisters on my hand and arm.  I had to repeat those little pills twice but it was well worth it.  It all dried up and healed!

Thank you!
My daughter had warts on her feet after visiting a pool complex.  I did not want to
use a wart compoud in fear of driving the virus inward.  I gave her the remedy you recomended and within two days she reported that they were shrinking.  Within a week they were totally gone and have not returned .  Homeopathy is fantastic!
 A happy Mama

I've been seeing Jody for over 10 years now.  She never ceases to amaze me.  I'm fiftyish and have been seeing a chiropractor for pain in my hips.  I run six miles every day training for the half marathon.  I was begining to dread the marathon because I was in so much pain whenever I ran! I saw Jody for some homeopathy and during the sesion I mentioned the pain.  She worked on me with Bodytalk for about 15 minutes free of charge.  When I left my hips felt good but the real test would come when I ran again.  

Well I ran the next morning and had NO pain.  I kept waiting for my hips to start hurting again.... first day,  second day,  a week,  two weeks...Still NO PAIN!!  Jody is a God send and I love her.

Lee Stuart

'I just wanted to touch base with you. I am doing great, amazing really.  I have not felt this great in years. 

I am sleeping through the night (have not slept this good since before my seven year old was born, waking up to eat, craving anything sweet could get my hands on), I have lots of energy, very rarely do I get hungry and have only had a headache once. 

Oh have I mentioned I have lost 15 pounds.  I just have to say thank you, I feel so good, its like I have found myself again I feel so alive!'

R.Davies,  Calgary Alberta

'I think I am healed. I have not reacted for two days now. I am sleeping great. I feel physically and emotionally back to normal. So, so, so, so happy and relieved.
(suffed from allergic dermatitis)
C Allard, St Laurent

 “Jody has been one of my family’s doctors for almost 20 years now. When she moved away last year I wasn’t sure how the work she does would happen over a long distance. My Dad is in a palliative care situation right now which could last years. It is extremely hard for me so I thought I’d see if Jody could help. I phoned her and we talked, she did some long distance Body Talk and prescribed a remedy. After a few days I felt some of my grief ease and I’ve even had moments of acceptance lately. I know I’ll have to be in touch with Jody again, but now I know the long distance work can help too! Once again I find myself so grateful for Jody that it’s hard to find the words to describe it. “                      
A Martilla 
Lundar MB