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Balance Your  System
Your bodymind can heal itself if given the right environment. To ensure that your transformation is  optimal you need to be aware of your current state of being.  Balance is established or lost on many different layers .Often times the disease we are concerned with is physical either some acute or chrinic ailment, but you physical body is usualy the last to show up and be noticed.  Most times Dis-ease begins on the mental or emotional plane and trickles down to the physical .

In order to obtain homeostasis you need to tune into the core of your being and find the reason(s) that you are off. What are your belief systems?  Are you a victor or a victom? Are you too stressed?  Do you hold grudges and stew over things for long periods of time? Is there some ongoing deep grained trauma  that holds you in its vice? Are you to busy to eat properly?  Do you ingest things that are harmful?  You need to be aware of what is happening to your system on a regular basis and possibly eliminate , add or adjust things to find optimal balence.  

Jody can prepare a treatment plan that is specifically designed for you!  A plan that will enpower you to take charge of you life.   What are you wating for?  

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